MenswearStyle had the privilege to feel the power and presence of the fastest ever Rolls Royce motor car. Rolls Royce embodies luxury and craftsmanship and this new black line offers the discerning client a bold statement, one that can be tailored to their exact requirements. The classic long bonnet, and yet a wider stance hints at its power, the power and grace of a luxury yacht for the road. It is a cocoon of serenity inside, with seats that massage you as you glide over the road surface. Yet the beast underfoot is ready to be unleashed. The 6.6 litre V12 deploys 624bhp and a monstrous 870Nm of torque allowing this exquisite coupe to launch into the night as the torque swells with a glorious surge of rampant energy.

The black badge goes beyond the classic wraith, with added feel and eagerness to the way it drives. A slightly stiffer suspension, steering setup and responsive gearshifts thanks to a new enhanced 8 speed gearbox which instills confidence and emboldens the drivers “darker” personality.

The all new, and specific to the black badge are the artistic and extraordinarily innovative 21” wheels made from an outer rim of carbon fibre bonded to aero-space alloy composite spokes – resulting in immense strength, light weight and visually striking. Fine details don’t end there, with attention to detail extending to the roof. An exact layout of the star constellation above Goodwood from the first day the factory opened illuminates the cabin, with hand stitched leather seats, and yet again can even be customised to a client’s requirements. The customisation parameters are endless in a way that only Rolls Royce seems to provide.

The car is a tour de force in technology, with a satellite aided gearbox reading the road ahead and pre-selecting the relevant gear. LED based lighting offering night vision as you explore the boundaries of a grand tour at dusk. This sportier masterpiece of craftsmanship offers never before seen levels of grace, style and glamour in a Rolls Royce that only the bravest can try and tame.

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