Watches are a telling device, and not only of the time! A watch can say more about a gentleman than any item of clothing or pair of shoes. Here at MenswearStyle we have devised a comprehensive guide to find out what your watch really says about you. So, whether you’re online dating, meeting new friends or conducting a sales pitch for work, when it comes to watches, are you Mr Flashy or a Watch Connoisseur?

1. Nomos – Mr Cool 

A Nomos wearer understands the value in the understated. With its sleek Bauhaus design aesthetic and the technical mastery of German engineering, a man wearing a Nomos watch cares about the quality of his wristwear over brand recognition. In either the classic Lambda style or the sportier Ahoi aesthetic, the Nomos wearer is minimalistic in his style choices and knows that, when it comes to watches, the devil is truly in the detail. Nomos


2. Omega – Sleek & Sporty

Omega is a brand that strikes the perfect balance between luxury and utility. An Omega wearer, and in particular a wearer of the notorious Seamaster, can be expected to lead an active life but is at the same time style-conscious and never to be seen without his elegant timepiece. Not quite a watch connoisseur, an Omega wearer is a little less interested in the recognition of the watch and more in its features and uses. For example, the Seamaster is water resistance of up to 50m, all while having the visual appeal to be worn as an everyday watch. Omega


3. Rolex – Flashy Watch Aficionado 

When it comes to what your watch says about you, Rolex is a divisive brand. Take a gold Yachtmaster, with Rolex’s classic president bracelet, this style exudes affluence and just a hint of arrogance… at least enough to make its wearer seem like the flashy fella of watch-lovers. This watch wearer can probably be seen zooming down Park Lane in a BMW on weekends. But, if you take Rolex’s other best loved-style in steel or platinum, you have an entirely different man. With the Datejust you have a man that wears a watch of both high function and elegance. In fact, the Rolex Datejust in steel is considered perhaps the most sensible watch for timepiece fanatics. This is due to the extremely long periods between servicing, durability, and overall elegance of design.Rolex


4. G-Shock – The Man Who Knows No Bounds  

With its accessible price point and high-tech features, there is only one kind of man who wears a G-Shock timepiece. That is, the same guy who climbs Ben Nevis on a weekend, or canoes his way to France instead of taking the Eurostar. This watch is for the adventurer who loves the great outdoors. With its dynamic time settings and 200m-depth resistance in water, the G-Shock man – like his watch – knows no limits.G-Shock


5. Grand Seiko – The Watch Connoisseur 

The Japanese brand’s reinvention of itself over the past few years has seen a revival amongst watch lovers and entry-level purchasers alike. Grand Seiko have carefully positioned themselves in the market, below the likes of Rolex and Patek in terms of price range, but far exceeding the value of intellectual property in the engineering of Omegas or Longines. The wearer of a Grand Seiko, in particular the infamous Snowflake, is a true watch connoisseur and his timepiece truly takes precedent. Perhaps even to the detriment of the rest of his wardrobe. Oh well, at least his wrist looks nice!Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko

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