It’s pretty cold this month to say the least, but we’ve been making the most of the crisp sunny days before the harsh elements arrive here at MenswearStyle HQ. It's time to stock up on mulled wine and get your winter knitwear ready. I’ve searched high and low for the coolest releases of November and I hope you like what I’ve found. There’s a watch made from sustainable materials and luxury pharmaceutical grade skincare products from Japan. So, following on from my October round-up, I’ve compiled a list of our favourite products and releases for the month of November 2017 – enjoy.

Master & Dynamic Greene Street Collection 

Created for the daring and sophistication of the concrete jungle, The Greene Street Collection draws inspiration from New York City, where fashion and streetwear cultures collide. This latest release embraces classic military-themed colourways, and seeks to take the next fashionable step in outfitting the urban creative with sound. The holiday campaign “A World Apart” follows a provocative and otherworldly shrouded character as it traverses the New York streets. Shot in SoHo by photographer Adrian Gaut, the campaign is a visually stunning metaphor for the power of sound and music to pull us deep within ourselves, yet with sound tools so beautiful they will allow you to do anything but disappear. With The Greene Street Collection, Master & Dynamic reasserts its leadership in bold styling, impeccable sound and undeniable craftsmanship. Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic

Hommage Grooming

Hommage is a brand for men who know that diligent research, exploration and fine tuning bring convincing results. A brand where men can be assured the design of the brand’s products are well thought out by people who know what they are doing, who listen and learn from their clients. The end result? Products that, over time with practice, improve in quality. For over a decade, Hommage has gone to great lengths to design products and a unique experience for men who have high standards for their personal grooming regimen. Their work in discovering the best the world has to offer, to get it right for you, has resulted in leading-edge pharmaceutical grade skincare products for shave, face and body from Japan, razor blades from the best surgical steel manufacturer in the world, ergonomically designed and engineered grooming equipment from Germany and the adored Hommage Signature "Monaco" scent — a subtle combination of tobacco, sandalwood and amber from France. Hommage


Liberty London Boxer Shorts 

Liberty London has announced the launch of its first range of boxer shorts, lending a sense of sophistication to the everyday staples. The Liberty London boxer shorts comes in four of the brand’s celebrated prints, and are designed for the modern man with a slim line cut and considered aesthetic. While contemporary design is at the forefront of the Liberty London Boxer, the retailer’s unique heritage is very present both in the prints and the fabric the underwear is made from. Over 100 years of expertise and dedication to the creation of Tana Lawn cotton fabric, which is exclusive to Liberty London. The cotton was first introduced in the 1920s when it was discovered that the silk-like threads could be spun into lustrous fabric and screen printed with brilliant colour and definition.Liberty London

Liberty London

ARKK Copenhagen Pre-Spring 2018 

ARKK Copenhagen’s breakthrough Danish-born sneakers have been paying tribute to Nordic architecture and design principles since day one. The minimalist silhouettes were born out of the necessity of having a comfortable pair of sneakers that could break away from performance and sport design to being completely fashion-oriented. Pre-Spring 2018 introduces for the first time in ARKK Copenhagen’s history, Pantone colours on the brighter spectrum of Orange, Beet and Burgundy. The Raven FG 2.0, Eaglezero S-E15 and upscale Raven Nubuck S-E15 will feature the colours for all size runs, while maintaining the true-to-DNA ARKK Copenhagen simplistic style. The construction and tones of each sneaker have been designed carefully and meticulously with the materials in order to maintain the fine balance of style vs. sport. ARKK Copenhagen

ARKK Copenhagen

River Island Man Grooming 

River Island presents the River Island Man grooming range, a carefully curated edit of premium skincare essentials. Each product has been uniquely created from essential minerals and oils for the discerning gentleman, set to become a staple in every man’s daily grooming regime. A key product includes the Cleansing Face/Beard Wash, specially formulated from essential oils and the hydrating qualities of Pro Vitamin B5. The unique blend will softly wash away impurities and draw moisture into the skin, creating a natural barrier from the stresses of the modern world. Another key product includes the Hydrating Face Moisturiser which harnesses the transformative powers of Argan oil. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this age-old beauty secret has been developed into a hydrating moisturiser to protect against all weather conditions. River Island Man

River Island Man

Mondaine Introduces Essence 

Once again, Mondaine has proved it's a pioneer with the launch of the latest design wonder, born from nature; Essence. Essence from Mondaine marks a new era for the brand, built with sustainable materials, it's as eco-conscious as it's stylish. Developed using eco-friendly sources, its renewable materials including Rizinus (castor oil) for its case; natural rubber for the strap and recycled PET bottles for is mutli-purpose pouch, make these modern creations not only clean and simple in design but considerate to the world we live in. With these new timepieces, Mondaine resonates with the spirit of our times, targeting not only those fascinated by design, but also to whom caring for the environment is essential. Be it through their diet or buying habits, Mondaine is now directly addressing this collective, joining their desire to impact positively upon world change, with an innovative timepiece like Essence, to illustrate its support. Mondaine


Freitag's Little Truckin’ Goods 

It's the little things in life that make us truly happy. What might sound like some kitschy platitude from a kid's scrapbook is in fact a nugget of wisdom in the form of a truck tarp. At the end of the day, as they say, happiness is when there's nothing left on the bag designers' benches apart from piles of one-offs, both big and small. Thanks to that, there are now nine new practical, everyday mini aids, from key rings and cases to journals and travel pouches. And they don't just make life easier for their future owners but also for Freitag's one-off designers. The small stencils fit in neatly between the big ones that mark out the standard bags, meaning that virtually nothing gets wasted of the skins hunted down relentlessly from trucks on Europe's major transit routes. Freitag


L’estrange London opens standalone store 

Menswear lifestyle brand L’Estrange London open their design-focused store on Berwick Street for the next 3 months. 'The L’Estrange Apartment' brings their studio to Soho and creates a home from home for you to discover the brand’s key pieces and a selection of their favourite interior brands. L’Estrange strive to simplify and elevate your wardrobe, allowing you to focus on achieving more each day. The brand constantly update and innovate their products, whilst steering away from traditional fashion seasons. Their key projects include high-quality T-shirts, sweats, shirts, trousers and their signature Hood – alongside in-store exclusives and previews of the L’Estrange Concepts – more experimental pieces in development. The L’Estrange Apartment offers services such as the ‘12-minute wardrobe’ where they can kit you out and tailor any alterations within 12 minutes, sending your products to you via same-day delivery free of charge.L’estrange London

L’estrange London

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