Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Is Your Electric Porsche All-Road Wagon Concept



Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Is Your Electric Porsche All-Road Wagon Concept



Porsche had a surprise in store for the Geneva Motor Show today—an all-electric off-road crossover. The Mission E Cross Turismo concept is based on Porsche’s upcoming electric sedan, the Mission E, jacked up with plastic fender flares like a Volvo V90 Cross Country. It’s not yet confirmed for production, but Porsche boss Oliver Blume strongly hinted that the company will someday build it.



The Mission E Cross Turismo uses two electric motors generating a total of 600 hp, allowing it to sprint from zero to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds, to 124 mph in under 12 seconds and on to a 155-mph top speed. The car also makes use of adaptive air suspension, torque vectoring, active anti-roll bars, and all-wheel steering for handling and dynamics befitting the Porsche badge.

Inside, it’s all futuristic, with four individual bucket seats and all the displays you could desire. Porsche was also happy to point out that that this car has lots of luggage space for all your active-lifestyle outdoor activities.



Like the Mission E sedan, the Cross Turismo Concept uses an 800-volt architecture which enables fast charging. Using one of Porsche’s new “Turbochargers,” plugging in your Mission E Cross Turismo nets 248 miles (400 km) of driving range in just 15 minutes. Total range is over 311 miles (500 km) when measured on the European cycle.

Porsche hasn’t stated whether the Mission E Cross Turismo Concept will spawn a production vehicle, but it sounds like it could become a reality in the not-too-distant future. The company has committed to building the Mission E sedan in 2019, meaning something like this could be not too far behind.

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